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Town of Pierce

Building Permits for the Town of Pierce


Please click here to go to the Town of Pierce's website.







Completed building application
2 sets of building plans.

Plans must include elevation, cross section, foundation, floor plan, per SPS 320.9(5)

and wall brace plan per SPS 320.09 (5) (b) d & SPS 321.25.

Site plan showing erosion control measures.
Copy of Town Zoning permit.
Energy worksheets (heat / loss calculations) Per: REScheck 4.6.2.

FEE SCHEDULE ( see attached list)

Call inspector for exact fee calculations to avoid any delays

Leave a message for the building inspector with any questions. Primary inspector is Brett Guilette. You may call him on his Cell (920) 495-3232.

All inspections request should be called in at (920) 495-3232.

Completed applications, plans and fees can be mailed to:

PO Box 22

Brussels, WI 54204

or call Brett to work out an arrangement to meet.

Make checks payable to: Inspection Specialists


Download the PDF Permit Application form below.

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