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Town of Union

Building Permits for the Town of Union







Completed building application.
2 sets of building plans. 
Plans must include elevation, cross section, foundation, floor plan, per SPS 320.9(5)
and wall brace plan per SPS 320.09 (5) (b) d & SPS 321.25. 
Town zoning permit from building inspector.
(site plan showing lot size, setbacks from lot line, location of building) 
Copy of sanitary permit. Door County
Door County Shoreland permit (if required) 1-920-746-2323

Energy worksheets (heat / loss calculations). Per REScheck 4.6.2.



ADDITIONS, Decks, Accessory Buildings, Agriculture Buildings


Completed building application.
Set of building plans (elevation, cross section, floor plan w/sizes).
Town zoning permit. 



Completed building application.
Set of building plans showing remodeling area.


Call inspector for exact fee calculations to avoid any delays.

Primary inspector is Brett Guilette. You may call him on his Cell # (920)-495-3232.

All inspection requests should be called in at 920- 495-3232.

Completed applications, plans and fees can be mailed to: 
Inspection Specialists, LLC

P.O. Box 22

Brussels, WI 54204

Or you may call Brett to set up an appointment.

Checks are payable to: Town of Union.


Download the PDF Permit Application form below.

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